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Your Danbury,CT Area Home Purchase and Commute

Like most people, if you live in the area, you have to work for a living. A great thing about Danbury is that it has the lowest unemployment rate in the state.

In Danbury, there are number of large employers, such as Cartus, the Danbury Hospital, Boehringer Ingelheim and more. Within an hour, there are is a lot of employment opportunities at Somers, Stamford, Norwalk, White Plains, Greenwich, Tarrytown, Hartford, and New York City.

Due to the lower costs of real estate and property taxes, the Greater Danbury and Candlewood Lake area is a natural fit for buyers looking for a place to call home.

IMG_20130817_104522_695 How does this effect the real estate market? Because of the large employment base in Danbury as well as as large regional employment centers within commuting distance, there are no wild changes in the economy.  On the national level, the Danbury area is historically the last area effected by a downturn and one of the first areas on the economic growth.  

Typically,the further away from New York City you go, the more affordable homes are due to the increase of time you would spend commuting. However, there are expectations to a rule and as an experienced real estate profession, I can help you navigate the market and help identify the right property for your families needs. There is not a vast amount of inventory in certain price ranges, but there are still some short sales and foreclosure properties.

The real estate market is dynamic. The Danbury area offers all types of the real estate, so the market is not dominated by one type of buyer (such as luxury, second home,etc). It is a fairly good sized market, with people always going in and leaving, yet there is a still large amount of people who have been living in the area for years.

For determing a commute, I always suggest buyers plug in any perspective new address into goggle maps, and with the traffic field, see how long it would take to get their place of employment. There are some local tips and shortcuts to save time for your commute . You can always get a satellite or street view of the neighborhood. If you feel the property is too far away or you don’t like the neighborhood, we don’t have to arrange for a viewing.  Your budget and commute tolerance does determine the type of property that you would be purchasing.

Not sure about purchasing or selling your property? Is the right time for you to relocate or relocate out of Greater Danbury? Can you afford to purchase a home or sell your property at today’s prices? If you need assistance in your real estate move , feel free to contact me below.

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Parking and Your Danbury,CT Area Townhome


Parking does matter in addition in to price, location and condition. Most buyers when they come home from a day’s work or out doing errands that there is a nearby parking spot waiting from them, if their unit does not have a garage.  In most cases, parking is pretty close by. Having parking far away can be a pain for you, but then is good exercise. I have seen some properties in the area where there is a large slope up or down the unit. 
Guest parking is important to most buyers looking for a condo in the Danbury area.  Having a space where  visitors to park safely, without danger of being towed,can weigh into buyers decisions whether they decide they want to purchase your place or not. 

Granted, you might not care about parking , but the next buyer might see issues with you. As a condo owner, there is generally nothing that you can do to change the parking situation.With properties that have a large slope, your condo may miss a good portion of the buyers (couples or singles with young children & seniors).  When  it is time to sell your property, the buyer for your home is most likely going to be someone like you who wants to live the neighborhood who finds the home just perfect for them.Also price can be a factor to, in terms of purchase price and monthly homeowner association dues .For properties that are parking challenged, you may be able to purchase the property for a less than other units in the area, but you do make it up on the back end when its time to sell.
Look over your rules. Typically parking rules include things like you can only use your assigned space, can’t park on the street, guest space use and  you’re not used to be working on your car . Often, additional regulations restrict unregistered or cars and inoperable vehicles, the use of spaces for cars only and parking of recreational vehicles .


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