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Make Buyers Fight Over Your Home

What makes it so hard to sell your house? Buyers want a home that is great for the needs. Make your house be the one that everybody wants to fight over.

As an experienced agent in the Danbury area, I understand what home buyers are looking for and how to capture their attention. These are the key points in order to have buyers lined up, begging to purchase your home in Greater Danbury area.

-Price: Value is what buyers are looking for. Forget about the active listings, as they are un-sold. The deposited homes are important as they will be the future sales. The recent sales have the most impact on what yours value is . They say price is all in the eyes of the buyer, which is true. They are educated and looking for the best home.

Preparation: Everything should be in order, ready to go. Have copies of maps, utility bills, warrantees,etc that a buyer may ask for. In addition, you should have plan together incase your home sells quickly & the buyers are looking for a quick closing.

Photography:I take high quality photography to showcase your home.  Prior to taking the photos, I  work with what you have to create an impression.
Promotion: It is not only important to have a great house with all the information a buyer could ask, great photography and priced according to the market. The public has to know about it. Marketing and promotion is my specialty, and I will demonstrate to you why no other company or agent can match what we have.

Presentation: This is how the house is once. It is not enough just to have home look great online. The home has to be  just as nice when buyers come though the door.  Make the house neat, clean, organized and smelling good when you have a showing.  

We have to partnership and create a product that just buyers get emotionally attached to. With your efforts,my advice and marketing plan, we can get your home sold quickly for top dollar with little or no stress to you. If you are interested in a complimentary market analysis on your real estate in Greater Danbury, please contact me/