Monthly Archives: April 2014

Have A Lockbox When You Sell Your Home

When you are looking to sell your house, I highly encourage owners to allow an electronic lockbox with a key for access to the house. There are many reasons to have a lockbox.

-You will not have be home to let buyers in. It is very uncomfortable to have homeowners home when people come.
-Gone are the days where you have to go office to office picking up keys and dropping them off. It is pretty much standard to have a lockbox, other than for luxury properties.
-Only licensed agents have the devices to get use to upon the lockbox. They have to use their own device with a personal identification #.
-When agents go into the house, it tells me when they came and their contact information so I can contact them for feedback.
-The agents that will be there will keep an eye on their clients.
-The lockbox works from 9AM to 9PM, so if you are gone people can still come. I can adjust the hours for access if needed.
-If agents are running early or late, they should let me know so I can pass on the message, but they can still get into see your home.