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Shopping in Western Danbury,CT


Shopping in the western Danbury area does have tons of opportunties.There are a lot of locally owned and operated businesses on the west side of town. The Danbury mall has most of the chain stores around. However, where are the big box stores, such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, or Best Buy.They are located on the other side of town, a 10-12 minute drive via I-84, still pretty much within the city limits. 

A lot of local long time residents, such as myself, feel not having the big box stores right by is a good thing. For one thing, Mill Plain Road is already busy enough with the routine traffic. In the evening rush hour or when there is an accident on I-84, the road becomes congested with stop and go traffic with drivers choosing to use it in lieu of the highway. The state and town has been very hesitant over the years to widen the road or do anything about it. I’d hate to see the results if the town were to allow big boxes businesses to set up shop here.

Believe me, there is pretty of shopping and dining options in the Western Side of Danbury. There are three grocery stores, including the new Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I’ve even heard rumors of a possible 4th one wanting to open. Mill Plain Road has so many new upscale restaurants including MarketPlace, Square 1, Max 40, Spasi and Bambu. All of those are locally owned/operated and provide better in my opinion than what you can get in a big national chain. In addition, there are a couple of local Italian and Chinese restaurants, a couple of delis, a diner and a coffeehouse.


The Danbury Fair Mall is set at the edge of Danbury’s Westside with over 290 stores including Macy’s, Sears and JC Penny’s.  For those looking to dine out after shopping, there is Chessecake Factory, Brio, Chipotle among others. The good thing about the mall is it is all indoors for the cold winter months. For zoning, aesthetics and traffic purposes, I feel it’s better to have one large mall opposed to row after row of strip malls.   As an long-time area resident,Danbury can think of one thing that side of town needs, a Movie Theater.  |


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