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Why You Don’t See For Sale Signs in Condo Communities

Often, I get calls from people saying they went into ‘xyz community’ located here, and they want to know more information about it & wonder what it is for sale. To there surprise, there are several units for sale in some of the luxury townhome communities in Danbury, such as Woodland Hills, Kensington Woods and Arlington Woods.


All condo & townhouse communities have restrictions written in to the homeowner’s association rules saying what they can and can’t do with the exterior. One of those things is about ‘for sale’ signs. Almost all of the townhome and condo communities do not allow them because they don’t want those units to stand out from the others. Also, they don’t want people driving around in the communities without a reason to be there (visiting friends or looking at property with an agent).


See condos for sale!


However, if you do decide to drive in to a complex and want more information on what is for sale or to arrange showings to units for sale, please send me an email.


Danbury Luxury Townhome Statistics 2007/2008

How do these luxury community’s stack up by the numbers?

Community Name 2008 Price Per Sq FT 2007 Price Per Sq FT
Woodland Hills $175 $189
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court $189 $180
Briar Woods $200 $258
Lake Place $201 $201
Sterling Woods $203 $206
Stetson Place $204 $214
Arlington Woods $210 $217
Kensington Woods $222 $231
Average for above: $200.50 $212

This chart below discusses units sold between January 1 & October 24 for each respective year:

Community Name 2008 2007
Sterling Woods 22 25
Woodland Hills 10 10
Kensington Woods 10 9
Stetson Place 9 7
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court 7 8
Lake Place 6 6
Arlington Woods 5 7
Briar Woods 4 6
Total: 73 78

This sales data is for the entire calendar years, however the 2008 data is only up to 10/24/08.

Community Name 2008 High 2008 Low 2008 Average 2007 High 2007 Low 2007 Average
Stetson Place $315,900 $284,900 $303,644 $339,900 $295,000 $317,812
Arlington Woods $331,650 $288,900 $307,510 $375,000 $300,000 $327,866
Briar Woods $350,000 $307,000 $338,000 $405,000 $350,000 $382,014
Kensington Woods $361,500 $300,000 $326,750 $364,000 $324,000 $353,556
Sterling Woods $425,000 $307,500 $342,875 $485,000 $310,000 $366,028
Lake Place $440,000 $290,000 $332,500 $520,000 $300,000 $387,327
Woodland Hills $500,000 $320,000 $380,475 $560,000 $300,000 $451,000
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court $515,000 $381,000 $417,928 $508,000 $374,000 $414,588
Average for above:     $343,710     $374,962

The chart below is the average days for each luxury community from listed to closed. This data does not reflect homes that were listed a few times prior to the listing where the house was sold.

Community Name 2008 2007
Sterling Woods 93 91
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court 99 88
Kensington Woods 121 95
Lake Place 121 113
Woodland Hills 122 101
Arlington Woods 134 90
Briar Woods 152 127
Stetson Place 178 346
Average 127 132

To make sense of this all:

The units in Woodland Hills and Lexington Mews/Court are among the largest in Danbury, so the cost per square feet is the most affordable yet their average sales price is the highest. However, units at Briar Woods, Kensington Woods & Arlington Woods are almost identical in size but the price per square foot varies quite substantially. Lake Place is one of the oldest communities in the above list, yet do outsell & out price some of the newer ones. Kensington Woods is the hot community this year (2008), being so close to New York & Mill Plain Road, with the most sales of communities of its size (under 100 units) and being at the top of the chart for price per square foot.

Real estate is all local. The two communtities near Federal Road (Lexington & Sterling Woods) sell the quickest & in the upper end for prices. Time on the market to sell varied substantially, primarily due to the end of the construction at Briar Woods & near the sell out of Stetson Place where units where listed on the MLS with a long time before they were ready for occupancy (as was the case of 2008 there for a few units). Several of the large units at Woodland Hills & Lake Place were sold in 2007, which account for the substantial decrease on average sales price in each community & effected the average sales price for each year. Demand for these luxury townhomes has not dropped off in 2008 and the time to sell has decreased.


This information is per Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service,10/24/08. Information believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

Search for real estate in any of these communities as well as others!

Hayestown Danbury CT Condos

A central location mintues north of downtown Danbury and close to Danbury Hospital, Western Connecticut State University and Candlewood Lake, an investment  in a home in Hayestown is also investing in a lifestyle. The community features new restuarants, including Koo, Danbury Town Park, the Danbury PAL Center, Hatters Park and the Duck Pin bowling alley! Here is some information about a few the condo communities in the Hayestown area.

Park Ridge:

Located a short stroll from Candlewood Lake, the attractive country setting of Park Ridge makes it feel like you are on vacation. The complex has a variety one ,two and three bedroom floor plans.The resident’s benefit from a community pool ,playground and large amount of parking.

 Rose Lane, Danbury, CT.



Tucked away in a private wooded setting, yet minutes to shopping, I-84 and Candlewood Lake, Arrowood’s  74 units offers peace and quiet in an attractive country setting.The community features a pool for its residents. The one and two bedroom units are elegantly designed for today’s living.Close to schools, Danbury Hospital and Western CT State University .

 East Pembroke Rd Danbury,CT

Towne Summit:

An eye-catching complex near the Danbury Hospital and Candlewood Lake. The homes of Towne Summit a bright open main level floor, generous bedroom sizes upstairs plus a lower level family room with separate laundry room and garage.

 Virginia Avenue Danbury, CT

Gaslight Village:

Great access to the Danbury hospital and Western Connecticut State University in a beautifully landscaped setting of 31 condos and townhomes.Built in 1990, the community is also close to shopping and exit 5 and 6 on I-84.

Dean St Danbury,CT.

Seach the Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for condos near Candlewood Lake in Danbury.

Shepherd Hill,Danbury CT

Located in the north eastern side of Danbury in the Stadley Rough neighborhood, Shepard Hill is a 140 unit condo development in a convenient location. With easy access to major shopping on Federal Road and business as well as access to I-84 and Route 7 both north and south, Shepard Hill has one of the most desired locations in the Danbury area. The buildings in the complex has had a new roof put in within the last couple of years. There is also ample resident and guest parking. Community recreational amenities include a playground and pool. In addition, there is easy access to public transportation down the road on Federal Road. There is currently a 78% owner occupancy ration in the community, which banks look favorably on when determining financing.

Shepherd Hill enterance

Built in 1984, the units offer modern open floor plans ranging from 1 bedroom ranch style units to 2 bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse style units with a basement garage. The complex and units were designed so many of the residents can take advantage of long range views.  Standard amenities for homes in Shepherd Hill include central air conditioning as well as washer and dryer set up in the unit.

There are currently for 4 units for sale in Shepherd Hill ranging from $186,999 for a 1 bedroom ranch style unit to a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse style unit with 2 car garage in the basement offered at $287,500 (per CMLS 4/1/08) with the average list price of $244,825 with the average market time being 61 days.

In 2007, there were 12 sales in Shepherd Hill (per CMLS) with the average list to sale percentage of 96.7%. Sales in Shepherd Hill ranged from $175,000 for a 1 bedroom 1 bath ranch style unit to $284,500 for a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse style unit with a 2 car garage located in the basement. Sales for the 2 bedroom 1 bath ranch style units ranged from $220,000 to $228,000. The average sales time (from listed to close) in Shephard Hill was only 71 days, compared to the rest of the Danbury condo market in 2007 were it was 97 days.

If you are thinking about selling your unit in Shepherd Hill or would like to get a tour of the complex or for me to send to the current homes for sale in Shepherd Hill, please call me at 203-417-0523 or send me an email.

Search for condos for sale in Shepherd Hill!

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