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Parking and Your Danbury,CT Area Townhome


Parking does matter in addition in to price, location and condition. Most buyers when they come home from a day’s work or out doing errands that there is a nearby parking spot waiting from them, if their unit does not have a garage.  In most cases, parking is pretty close by. Having parking far away can be a pain for you, but then is good exercise. I have seen some properties in the area where there is a large slope up or down the unit. 
Guest parking is important to most buyers looking for a condo in the Danbury area.  Having a space where  visitors to park safely, without danger of being towed,can weigh into buyers decisions whether they decide they want to purchase your place or not. 

Granted, you might not care about parking , but the next buyer might see issues with you. As a condo owner, there is generally nothing that you can do to change the parking situation.With properties that have a large slope, your condo may miss a good portion of the buyers (couples or singles with young children & seniors).  When  it is time to sell your property, the buyer for your home is most likely going to be someone like you who wants to live the neighborhood who finds the home just perfect for them.Also price can be a factor to, in terms of purchase price and monthly homeowner association dues .For properties that are parking challenged, you may be able to purchase the property for a less than other units in the area, but you do make it up on the back end when its time to sell.
Look over your rules. Typically parking rules include things like you can only use your assigned space, can’t park on the street, guest space use and  you’re not used to be working on your car . Often, additional regulations restrict unregistered or cars and inoperable vehicles, the use of spaces for cars only and parking of recreational vehicles .


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Why You Don’t See For Sale Signs in Condo Communities

Often, I get calls from people saying they went into ‘xyz community’ located here, and they want to know more information about it & wonder what it is for sale. To there surprise, there are several units for sale in some of the luxury townhome communities in Danbury, such as Woodland Hills, Kensington Woods and Arlington Woods.


All condo & townhouse communities have restrictions written in to the homeowner’s association rules saying what they can and can’t do with the exterior. One of those things is about ‘for sale’ signs. Almost all of the townhome and condo communities do not allow them because they don’t want those units to stand out from the others. Also, they don’t want people driving around in the communities without a reason to be there (visiting friends or looking at property with an agent).


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However, if you do decide to drive in to a complex and want more information on what is for sale or to arrange showings to units for sale, please send me an email.

Hayestown, Danbury CT Real Estate

Hayestown, Danbury CT

Hayestown describes the area found north of Danbury Hospital along Tamarack Ave, Hayestown Rd, East Hayestown Road ,East Pembroke Rd and south of the Danbury Town Park. Residents appreciate the almost straight shot  to the interstate & shopping.  Roughly half of the development  is 1950s & 1960s homes in the side streets & large condominium complexes (link to blog) such as Arrowood, Poet’s Landing, Crystal Bay, Park Ridge, Barclay Commons & Apple Blossom.  Places of interest include Koo, the Danbury PAL center, Hatters Park & Duckpin Bowling Alley.

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Danbury Luxury Townhome Statistics 2007/2008

How do these luxury community’s stack up by the numbers?

Community Name 2008 Price Per Sq FT 2007 Price Per Sq FT
Woodland Hills $175 $189
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court $189 $180
Briar Woods $200 $258
Lake Place $201 $201
Sterling Woods $203 $206
Stetson Place $204 $214
Arlington Woods $210 $217
Kensington Woods $222 $231
Average for above: $200.50 $212

This chart below discusses units sold between January 1 & October 24 for each respective year:

Community Name 2008 2007
Sterling Woods 22 25
Woodland Hills 10 10
Kensington Woods 10 9
Stetson Place 9 7
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court 7 8
Lake Place 6 6
Arlington Woods 5 7
Briar Woods 4 6
Total: 73 78

This sales data is for the entire calendar years, however the 2008 data is only up to 10/24/08.

Community Name 2008 High 2008 Low 2008 Average 2007 High 2007 Low 2007 Average
Stetson Place $315,900 $284,900 $303,644 $339,900 $295,000 $317,812
Arlington Woods $331,650 $288,900 $307,510 $375,000 $300,000 $327,866
Briar Woods $350,000 $307,000 $338,000 $405,000 $350,000 $382,014
Kensington Woods $361,500 $300,000 $326,750 $364,000 $324,000 $353,556
Sterling Woods $425,000 $307,500 $342,875 $485,000 $310,000 $366,028
Lake Place $440,000 $290,000 $332,500 $520,000 $300,000 $387,327
Woodland Hills $500,000 $320,000 $380,475 $560,000 $300,000 $451,000
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court $515,000 $381,000 $417,928 $508,000 $374,000 $414,588
Average for above:     $343,710     $374,962

The chart below is the average days for each luxury community from listed to closed. This data does not reflect homes that were listed a few times prior to the listing where the house was sold.

Community Name 2008 2007
Sterling Woods 93 91
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court 99 88
Kensington Woods 121 95
Lake Place 121 113
Woodland Hills 122 101
Arlington Woods 134 90
Briar Woods 152 127
Stetson Place 178 346
Average 127 132

To make sense of this all:

The units in Woodland Hills and Lexington Mews/Court are among the largest in Danbury, so the cost per square feet is the most affordable yet their average sales price is the highest. However, units at Briar Woods, Kensington Woods & Arlington Woods are almost identical in size but the price per square foot varies quite substantially. Lake Place is one of the oldest communities in the above list, yet do outsell & out price some of the newer ones. Kensington Woods is the hot community this year (2008), being so close to New York & Mill Plain Road, with the most sales of communities of its size (under 100 units) and being at the top of the chart for price per square foot.

Real estate is all local. The two communtities near Federal Road (Lexington & Sterling Woods) sell the quickest & in the upper end for prices. Time on the market to sell varied substantially, primarily due to the end of the construction at Briar Woods & near the sell out of Stetson Place where units where listed on the MLS with a long time before they were ready for occupancy (as was the case of 2008 there for a few units). Several of the large units at Woodland Hills & Lake Place were sold in 2007, which account for the substantial decrease on average sales price in each community & effected the average sales price for each year. Demand for these luxury townhomes has not dropped off in 2008 and the time to sell has decreased.


This information is per Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service,10/24/08. Information believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

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Affordable Condo Communities in Western Danbury

Enjoy the advantages on the living prestigious west side of Danbury without breaking the bank in any of these condo and townhomes communities. With the prices, you can afford to own, stop making your landlord rich and control your own destiny by investing in your future!

Village square:

Village Square is easily accessible setting near exit 3 of I-84 and Route 7, making it an ideal commuting location for working in Westchester County, New York City , Norwalk or Stamford. 131 units enjoy access to the community pool, playground, tennis courts and club house.Offering 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units. Close to schools, Danbury Fair Mall, corporate offices and downtown Danbury.

Park Avenue Danbury, CT.

Pinewood Circle:

Pinewood Circle is just minutes to exit 3 and exit 4 of I-84, Rt 7 and the mall making it a commuter’s dream.Complete a pool and ample parking, Pinewood Circle’s 54 units benefit from gas heat.

Park Avenue Danbury, CT.

Danbury Mill:

Nestled against a babbling brook, the historic building turned 42 unit complex offers 1 and 2 bedroom units with some original exposed bricks and beams exposed in a west side location minutes to New York State and highways. NY City Style at affordable Danbury Prices!

Oil Mill Road, Danbury CT


Built in 2006, the community has 2 bedroom townhomes in a convenient west Danbury spot with low common charges. Some of the 34 units have river views.

Oil Mill Road, Danbury CT

Westville Commons:

Westville Commons is a community of 82 units affordable luxury townhomes on the desirable west side of Danbury. Offering 2 townhome models plus a clubhouse and pool. 

Built in 2005, the community is to be found two minutes from exit 4 on I-84 and just minutes to Richter Golf Course and the Danbury Fair Mall.

Scuppo Rd, Danbury CT.

Driftway Hills:

Set on a private hillside setting on the west side of Danbury is the tight knit Driftway Hills community. One minute to Mill Plain Rd, Driftway Hill’s location is a dream for New York commuters.

Driftway Rd Danbury,CT.

Seach for affordable condos on the west side of Danbury.

Southern Danbury Condos and Townhomes


A community of 62 tri level townhomes in an attractive lower Danbury location.A great commute to lower Fairfield County and to points east and west is the main attraction to Southwoods.

South Street Danbury, CT

Summit View:

Summit View is an quiet upscale community of 77 townhomes in southern Danbury near the Bethel line. Built in 1992. A great spot for community south to Stamford/Norwalk or to New York.

South Street Danbury, Ct.


Southfield is centrally located in southern  Danbury, minutes to both downtown Bethel and downtown Danbury. Built in 1988, consisting of 18 units. 

South Street Danbury,Ct.

Camelot Court:

Affordable newer townhouses on the Danbury/Bethel line. Offering convenience and privacy in a cozy community of 30 townhomes. Low common charges including city water and sewer.

Mannions Lane, Danbury Ct.

Search for condos and townhomes or all types of real estate in Danbury and the Greater Danbury Area (Brookfield, New Fairfield, Bethel, Newtown, New Milford), the Candlewood Lake region and on the Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Lakewood Condos,Danbury CT

Lakewood Condos is located in the Pembroke neighborhood in Danbury about 10 minutes north of downtown.With city owned land bordering the complex to the west and north, Lakewood has many amenities to offer the owners of the 108 units of the community. The community is located near local restaurants & business, and also 6 minutes drive south to I-84 and 15 minutes to I-684.

Built by BRT in 1985, the same developer who built other condominium communities in the Danbury area such Park Ridge, Park Brook and Willow Springs, the units are designed for modern living. With several different floor plans ranging from 1 bedroom 1 bath ranch units to 2 bedrooms plus a main level den townhouse style, Lakewood has something for everything. With the average list price of the 4 units for sale (plus 1 under deposit) in Lakewood of $261,320 (per CMLS 4/3/08), the average list price for a unit in Lakewood is 15% lower than the current average listing price and about $8000 under the median asking price for a condo in the city of Danbury making Lakewood an excellent value in the Danbury condo marketplace.

With some many other condo complex to choose from in Danbury, Lakewood ranks among one of the popular choices to due to the wooded set back location from a major commuting arterty, giving residents in the commutity easy access to all of the amenties that greater Danbury and Northern Fairfield County have to offer while maintaing a tranquil wooded and well landscaped setting. For further information on Lakewood, please call me at 203-417-0523. Sellers do benefit from a truely global marketing plan if they decide to sell their unit in the popular Lakewood. Please call me for details!

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