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Make Buyers Fight Over Your Home

What makes it so hard to sell your house? Buyers want a home that is great for the needs. Make your house be the one that everybody wants to fight over.

As an experienced agent in the Danbury area, I understand what home buyers are looking for and how to capture their attention. These are the key points in order to have buyers lined up, begging to purchase your home in Greater Danbury area.

-Price: Value is what buyers are looking for. Forget about the active listings, as they are un-sold. The deposited homes are important as they will be the future sales. The recent sales have the most impact on what yours value is . They say price is all in the eyes of the buyer, which is true. They are educated and looking for the best home.

Preparation: Everything should be in order, ready to go. Have copies of maps, utility bills, warrantees,etc that a buyer may ask for. In addition, you should have plan together incase your home sells quickly & the buyers are looking for a quick closing.

Photography:I take high quality photography to showcase your home.  Prior to taking the photos, I  work with what you have to create an impression.
Promotion: It is not only important to have a great house with all the information a buyer could ask, great photography and priced according to the market. The public has to know about it. Marketing and promotion is my specialty, and I will demonstrate to you why no other company or agent can match what we have.

Presentation: This is how the house is once. It is not enough just to have home look great online. The home has to be  just as nice when buyers come though the door.  Make the house neat, clean, organized and smelling good when you have a showing.  

We have to partnership and create a product that just buyers get emotionally attached to. With your efforts,my advice and marketing plan, we can get your home sold quickly for top dollar with little or no stress to you. If you are interested in a complimentary market analysis on your real estate in Greater Danbury, please contact me/


Recent Home Sold in Danbury,CT By Jonathan Hall


Selling your home shouldn’t be that difficult. An experienced real estate  professional with all the right tools makes the biggest difference in whether your home sells or not. Anyone can list a home, it doesn’t mean they are going to sell it. My job is expose  your property to qualified buyers, negotiate the offer and everything in between leading to closing.
Covering the cities of Danbury,Brookfield,Bethel,New Fairfield, New Milford and Newtown,CT, I offer million dollar marketing for all homes . With all the right tools, use of technology, and the power of a respected global real estate brand , we will have your home marketed worldwide to find the right qualified buyer for your home . If you want to sell, call me now!

Jonathan Hall ,Realtor, William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty- (203)796-7700 | call or text me on my cell phone (203)417-0523
www.danburycthomes.com | www.danbury-condos.com

Jonathan Hall sells homes in the Danbury,CT Area

Often times, clients ask me how old I am because I look young. I may be young,but I have been around the block more than a few times. I know what I am doing. I have the skills and experience needed in today’s challenging market to service your real estate needs. I have handle clients acquire short sales, bank owned property,corporate relocation inventory property as well as challenging ‘regular’ sales. Sometimes even doing rentals can be just as much work as purchase or listing proposition.

I can help with with the sale of your home. I have successfully sold homes that were previously listed with other real estate agents, sold a unit in a neighborhood that hasn’t had a sale in over a year despite having listings on the market and a challenging unique property.

How do I do this? Work hard, tell the truth. Say what needs to be done to the house to make it sell. Be on top of things. Explain how the process works for every step of the way, wheter you are buying or selling.Learn as much as I can about everything. Find a way to get things done. Focus on the solution, not the problem. Just do your job and be nice to everybody!

Since I have I been able to accomplish so much, thanks to me clients, I have earned company awards. Due to my hard work and efforts, I have received testimonials and references from clients Invite me into your home, and see the difference.

Jonathan Hall – (203)796-7700 | call or text me on my cell phone (203)417-0523
www.danburycthomes.com | www.danbury-condos.com

How to Price Your Home to Sell in Greater Danbury

Pricing your home to sell is the most important factor to determine whether your home will sell or not. At the correct price, buyers can look past certain defects in your home,size, location or lot. There are several things that you need to look at when determining the price of your home:

  • Recent sales of homes in your neighborhood or similar neighborhoods in recent months. It doesn’t matter what your neighborhood got a couple of years ago, because the market is different now. Sales should go back about 6 months.
  • The sales on the homes in your neighborhood or similar neighborhoods should be about the same size and condition of your home. There will be some adjustments made based on the size, condition, location in the neighborhood and lot compared your home.
  • One should also look at the listings of houses that failed to sell after being on the market for some time. The biggest reason why they didn’t sell was the price. You need to offer a better value or package than what the houses that didn’t sell had.
  • One thing that I look to in pricing homes is by looking at similar homes that are currently on the market. Buyers will often look at different homes in the same neighborhood to see what property best suites their needs and budget. In today’s real estate market, you do need to be the best value.
  • The only real thing that you can control in the real estate market is your home. You do control the condition of your house. A thing to keep in mind is that you might not get all of the money back which you put toward improvements. If your property has some things that might deter buyers, such as deferred maintenance, a strange floor plan, steep driveway or any other thing might be seen as a negative, your home prices should reflect that.

It doesn’t matter that your neighbors house is listed $ more than yours. It’s been on the market for a very long time. I’m trying to sell YOUR HOME, it doesn’t matter what they are doing.

Request a free home value evaluation.

After looking at that information, I do come up from a price range of what your home is worth.It is ultimately your decision on where in the price range you would like to list at, based on your goals & time frame.