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Just Sold in Great Plain Danbury,CT

Just Sold!

Great Plain Danbury Area Sold Home

15 Great Meadow Sold!

15 Great Meadow Road, Danbury CT 06811

*Under Deposit in 29 Days!

*Highest Sales Price on Street!

*Closed Date: 10/28/2008

1488 square foot raised ranch with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Quiet street with no thorugh traffic. Fantastic level & private backyard. Open eat in kitchen, master suite with jacuzzi tub, oversized 2 car garage. Sq ft include 25′ family room. Updates include newer roof, driveway & well pump. Lots of storage space! Items included in sale: take down pool, tractor, 3 window units, all kitchen applicances plus washer/dryer. Electric baseboard heat. Close to Candlewood Lake & I-84. Taxes only $4,060 a year!


Danbury Luxury Townhome Statistics 2007/2008

How do these luxury community’s stack up by the numbers?

Community Name 2008 Price Per Sq FT 2007 Price Per Sq FT
Woodland Hills $175 $189
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court $189 $180
Briar Woods $200 $258
Lake Place $201 $201
Sterling Woods $203 $206
Stetson Place $204 $214
Arlington Woods $210 $217
Kensington Woods $222 $231
Average for above: $200.50 $212

This chart below discusses units sold between January 1 & October 24 for each respective year:

Community Name 2008 2007
Sterling Woods 22 25
Woodland Hills 10 10
Kensington Woods 10 9
Stetson Place 9 7
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court 7 8
Lake Place 6 6
Arlington Woods 5 7
Briar Woods 4 6
Total: 73 78

This sales data is for the entire calendar years, however the 2008 data is only up to 10/24/08.

Community Name 2008 High 2008 Low 2008 Average 2007 High 2007 Low 2007 Average
Stetson Place $315,900 $284,900 $303,644 $339,900 $295,000 $317,812
Arlington Woods $331,650 $288,900 $307,510 $375,000 $300,000 $327,866
Briar Woods $350,000 $307,000 $338,000 $405,000 $350,000 $382,014
Kensington Woods $361,500 $300,000 $326,750 $364,000 $324,000 $353,556
Sterling Woods $425,000 $307,500 $342,875 $485,000 $310,000 $366,028
Lake Place $440,000 $290,000 $332,500 $520,000 $300,000 $387,327
Woodland Hills $500,000 $320,000 $380,475 $560,000 $300,000 $451,000
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court $515,000 $381,000 $417,928 $508,000 $374,000 $414,588
Average for above:     $343,710     $374,962

The chart below is the average days for each luxury community from listed to closed. This data does not reflect homes that were listed a few times prior to the listing where the house was sold.

Community Name 2008 2007
Sterling Woods 93 91
Lexington Mews & Lexington Court 99 88
Kensington Woods 121 95
Lake Place 121 113
Woodland Hills 122 101
Arlington Woods 134 90
Briar Woods 152 127
Stetson Place 178 346
Average 127 132

To make sense of this all:

The units in Woodland Hills and Lexington Mews/Court are among the largest in Danbury, so the cost per square feet is the most affordable yet their average sales price is the highest. However, units at Briar Woods, Kensington Woods & Arlington Woods are almost identical in size but the price per square foot varies quite substantially. Lake Place is one of the oldest communities in the above list, yet do outsell & out price some of the newer ones. Kensington Woods is the hot community this year (2008), being so close to New York & Mill Plain Road, with the most sales of communities of its size (under 100 units) and being at the top of the chart for price per square foot.

Real estate is all local. The two communtities near Federal Road (Lexington & Sterling Woods) sell the quickest & in the upper end for prices. Time on the market to sell varied substantially, primarily due to the end of the construction at Briar Woods & near the sell out of Stetson Place where units where listed on the MLS with a long time before they were ready for occupancy (as was the case of 2008 there for a few units). Several of the large units at Woodland Hills & Lake Place were sold in 2007, which account for the substantial decrease on average sales price in each community & effected the average sales price for each year. Demand for these luxury townhomes has not dropped off in 2008 and the time to sell has decreased.


This information is per Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service,10/24/08. Information believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

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Are other agents buying listings?

 I have had several listing opportunties within the past year or so which I have lost solely based on price. Is it such a crime to tell them about the truth on what their home is worth upfront or to ask for price reductions every month or have it not sell and not get paid? I went for a CMA in a desirable home with nothing making it unmarketable expect for a small subdivision of similiar homes coming in a few doors down. That is really a problem since there are no large tracts of land left in the area and whatever land is left is getting built. At the time, the owner was a fsbo at $650,000. I went to look at the house and discussed our marketing plan. I went back a couple days later to discuss my price of $574,000. The owner listed 2 weeks later ‘with a friend’ for $599,000 and it took until the end of December to get an accepted offer which closed last week for $525,000! At the same time, the owner was making double mortgages since they bought a new home twice as large. Was it so wrong to tell them the truth other than spending all that money on paying for a vacant home.

 Another fsbo I was working with is also clueless. I saw his listing for his home online and emailed him asking about the home since I sold a nice home a few doors away. I was working with him for about a month giving him also information about the neighborhood and things like that. At the same time, a home similiar to his (but in a nicer location in the community) came on the market more than $50,000 more than his fsbo price which I had informed him in a email. I told him buyers looking at that home would go see your own and not see the value. He just listed his for $47,000 more than the home I sold in December, which was a much better value and location, and $41,000 higher than the nicer comparable home.

 Would you pay $360,000 for  Overprice when 58 So King sold for $313,000?

 I wonder what other agents are thinking. They give the rest of us a bad reputation. Is it such a crime to sell it like it really is so both parties will benefit for a quick sale?

Welcome to Greater Danbury


Welcome to Greater Danbury and the Candlewood Lake. With Danbury as the regional center and Candlewood Lake as the region’s recerational center, the area has reasonable real estate values with easy access to major employment centers such as White Plains, Stamford and New York City.Real estate choices range from rural wooded properties, suburban neighborhoods, waterfront property  and townhomes.

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